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Bag and Pouch Packaging Equipment

Packaging Equipment Sales Bag and Pouch Packaging Equipment: We have everything you will need for producing bag or pouched products, including Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines for creating bags or pouches from roll-stock, Automatic Bag Packaging Machines for pre-made bags, Rotary Combination Scale Fillers, Semi-Automatic Bag or Pouch Fillers and Sealing Machines for use with poly bags, Auger Fillers for powder, Semi-Automatic Net Weigh Fillers, Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers, Manual Bag and Pouch Sealers and Vacuum/Gas Flush Bag Sealers.

Watch this great video of our Bag and Pouch Packaging Equipment.

This video shows a Rotary Combination Scale Filler automatically weighing granola, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine producing coffee in bags from roll-stock, Horizontal Bagger producing re-closable bags, Semi-Automatic Net Weigh Filler for dry products, Auger Filler for powders, Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer and Pouch Sealer producing high-quality bag and pouch products. If you fill dry products or powders in bags, we have everything from entry level equipment to the latest technology.

Rotary Combination Scale Filler with Form Fill Seal Bagger

Rotary Combination Scale Fillers are used for high-speed filling of candy, popcorn, vegetables, nuts, meatballs, beans, snack foods, rice and other food products into flexible packages such as bags or pouches as well as high-speed filling of rigid containers like jars and cans. The machines use a combination of weigh buckets to precisely determine the correct amount of product to be dispensed into the packages being filled. Rotary Combination Scale Fillers come in 10 to 24 head configurations and will fill from 30 to 200 packages per minute with accuracies to 1% depending on the product being filled. In addition to high-speed filling capabilities the ability to control the filling weight with extreme accuracy results in producing lower cost but higher quality packages.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bag Packaging Equipment

Vertical Form Fill and Seal bag packaging equipment can produce small pillow style pouches from roll-stock and bags as large as 12-inches-wide and 16 inches in length at a maximum speed of 120 bags per minute. This high speed bag and pouch packaging equipment is surprisingly affordable especially for North American made systems with virtually unmatched performance. There are several reasons to use a Vertical Form Fill Seal machine when producing bags and pouches which include lower operating costs and simplicity of operation. The lower operating costs come in the way of the significant reduction of material costs verses purchasing premade bags and improved OEE. The simplified design is easy to operate and maintain.

Automatic Bagger for Pre-made Bags or Pouches

Automatic Baggers or horizontal bag packaging equipment for pre-made standup pouches or wicketed bags of laminated and polyethylene materials and will automatically open and seal the bag after filling. This type of bag and pouch packaging equipment can produce bag widths up to 14 inches and bag lengths up to 20 inches at a maximum speed of 45 bags per minute. This is the perfect machine for producing food products for the large box stores that typically have the requirements for bigger packages with re-close able zipper lock seals. These are high quality North American made bag and pouch packaging equipment with service support located throughout the United States for your convenience.

Semi-Automatic Net Weigh Filler

Net Weigh Filler or semi-automatic scale filler for pouch filling and bag packaging. This is an economical way to fill pouches and bags with non-powder product such as rice, cookies, candy, coffee as well as non-food products very quickly while reducing labor costs and improving accuracies. The semi-automatic net weigh pouch filler is the perfect packaging equipment for small pouches with fill weights as low as 1/2 ounce and the larger version semi-automatic net weigh bag filler can produce bags up to 10 pounds. Either unit can be used on a table top or have an option stand for utilization as a free standing unit.

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Servo-Driven Auger Filler for Powder Filling Pouches

Auger Filler which is servo-driven for accurate filling of bags or pouches with powder products. An auger filler is used instead of the scale type filler to eliminate the dust created during the filling process and is necessary not only to reduce the dust contamination of the packaging area but also because the load cell used to weigh the product dispensed by a net-weigh scale filler becomes inaccurate when dust accumulates on the scale. The auger filler contains the powder product in the sealed hopper and volumetrically dispense powder products for accurate filling without product contamination issues. The auger fillers can be utilized for filling sugar, flour, powder household and cleaning products, cake mixes and any other type of powdered product that would be filled in a bag or pouch.

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer for sealing bags and pouches. These are conveyorized semi-automatic bag sealers or table top manual bag sealers that offer you the highest quality and reliability of any machines on the market for a very competitive price. Create a 1/4 inch wide seal all the way up to a 1/2 inch wide seal on bags. This machine can produce small pouches, bags as wide as 12 inches, stand-up pouches, re-closable pouches, virtually any style pouch or bag. We have several models of bag sealing equipment ranging from a standard sealer to a vacuum bag sealer with gas flush for extending the shelf-life of food products. The vacuum/gas flush sealer is pneumatically operated and designed to seal and vacuum pack all types of heat sealable bags.

If your project requires entry level Packaging Machinery or the latest "top of the line" Packaging Equipment then we have some of the best high quality North American Made machines available. When you need a Rotary Combination Filler, Net Weigh Filler, Auger Filler, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, Automatic Bagger, Bag Sealer or any or machine, Packaging Equipment Sales has Bag and Pouch Packaging Equipment for all of these applications and more.

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We look forward to working with you on your project and being your packaging machinery supplier for many years to come.