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Inkjet Coders for date code, lot numbers, bar codes, serial numbers and QR codes. We carry a large selection of Industrial Inkjet Coders including the following technologies, Continuous Inkjet Coders, Drop on Demand Inkjet Coders and Thermal Inkjet Coders for rigid and flexible packages.

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Continuous Inkjet CoderContinuous Inkjet Coders use a recirculation pump to keep a steady stream of charged ink drops available for producing a code. The ink is electronically diverted into the recirculation system until needed. When the Can, Bottle, Jar or Pouch is in front of the coding head, the previously electronically diverted ink is allowed to pass through the diverting area and create the code on the package. Because the inkjet coder is always primed and the diverting is electronically controlled the on/off inkjet coding process only takes a couple of milliseconds to perform. This is why Continuous Inkjet Coders are used in high speed applications like coding Cans, Bottles, Jars or Pouches.

Drop ON Demand Inkjet CoderDrop on Demand Inkjet Coders only spray drops of ink when the code is required and the ink is not recirculating. The ink is forced out of a valve/nozzle when the digital signal is sent and while the coding speeds are not as fast as a continuous inkjet coder, Drop on Demand Inkjet Coders feature the low ink consumption and maintenance costs. These Inkjet Coders work especially well on wine cases, beer cases, beverage cases corrugated boxes, milk cartons, egg crates, plastic containers, any type of box, case or tray that does not exceed 780 ft/min packaging line speed. There are numerous print head selections available for these inkjet coders ranging from 7 to 32 valves and code heights of 1/4 inch to 5 inches. There are also several controllers available to meet your inkjet coding requirements. As with other inkjet coders sold by Packaging Equipment Sales, these Inkjet Coders provide excellent code clarity, high code contrast, feature heavy duty construction for maximum reliability.

Watch this video of our Inkjet Coders:

The video shows the following: barcode and production date coding on a shipping case with a Thermal Inkjet Coder, Continuous Inkjet Coder date and lot number coding at high-speed on web application that will become small packets of condiments, Drop on Demand Coder printing a white ink on a black rubber product, a Small Character Inkjet Coder printing a lot number and use by date on packaged meat and a Inexpensive Inkjet Coder printing on cartons of butter packages.

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Thermal Inkjet CoderThermal Inkjet Coders are industrial coders that use clean and reliable inkjet cartridge technology. Thermal Inkjet Printing provides high resolution print on cases up to 600x600 dpi. Thermal Inkjets are capable of producing high quality print legible text, logos and scan-able barcodes on corrugated cases. Printing the right product information is on your case is just as important as the print quality and the information management system is practically error proof. These coders are designed operate in the harshest environments with robust print heads and a stainless steel enclosure. This winning combination of the easiest to setup and operate system interface with the highest resolution printing, lowest ink costs and reduced maintenance, make these Thermal Inkjet Case Coders the best choice for all of your case coding applications.

Why you should contact Packaging Equipment Sales for a Inkjet Coders: We have the right inkjet coding machine for your application. We know what information is needed to properly select the correct technology and what features you will need to meet your requirements. We can give budgetary numbers for your project almost instantaneously. If you need a formal proposal, you will not get it any faster than we will be able to provide it.

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