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Blower Air-Knife Drying System

Packaging Equipment Sales is your source for the best Centrifugal Blower and Air-Knife Drying Systems. If you need to dry Cans, Bottles and Jars, blow water off Fruit and Vegetables, Cheese, Packaged Meat, any type of package or parts then we can design a Blower and Air Delivery Device to meet your requirements.

Centrifugal Blower Drying System with Wash-Down Enclosure

Why do you need a Centrifugal Blower for your packaging line?

Watch this video showing the Centrifugal Blower and Air-Knife Drying Systems.

The video shows a Blower and Air-Knife Drying System removing water from Packaged Cheese. Cans and Bottles. There is a segment which shows a Blower with a Cone Manifold Air Delivery Device drying vegetables after washing. You will see a Cap Drying System for PET and glass bottles that will remove water even under the edges of the cap or crown of the bottle. There is a Blower Air-Knife Drying System for drying cans and another designed for drying the entire bottle.

Packaging Equipment Sales will work with you to select the right type of air delivery device (Air-Knife, Cone Manifold or Cap Dryer) and properly sized Centrifugal Blower to minimize the energy consumption while providing the excellent drying results you expect from experts in this industry.

Some of the available selections we have available to custom design a complete Air Knife Drying System to meet your requirements are:

The Air Delivery Device is as much the key to the product or part drying as the Blower. For many applications an Air-Knife is the right choice and they come in Stainless-Steel or Anodized Aluminum but for other applications a Cone Manifold may be a better choice or a specially designed Manifold with Adjustable Fan Tips could be best suited to provide the optimum drying. Not sure which to use? we will assist you in specifying the correct air drying system. Contact us
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Stainless-Steel Air Knife for use with Centrifugal Blower Cone Manifold for use with Centrifugal Blower Anodized Aluminum Air Knife for use with Centrifugal Blower

An Air-Knife is used when it can be mounted close to the product to be dried because it has an effective reach of less than 6 inches. If the product is taller than 6 inches or the manifold cannot be mounted above the product within that range, then the Cone Manifold is better suited because it will produce an effective range of approximately 12 inches.

Stainless-Steel Air Knife for use with Centrifugal Blower A Centrifugal Blower will improve packaging line energy efficiency in the following ways:

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We look forward to working with you on your project and being your packaging machinery supplier for many years to come.