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Combination Scale Filler

Packaging Equipment Sales has Rotary Combination Scale Fillers in 10, 14, 16, 20 and 24 head configurations for filling bags, pouches, cans, bottles or boxes with dry products such as snack foods, candy, nuts, coffee, pet food, frozen foods, rice, beans, meat products and other non-powder products.

Rotary Combination Scale Filler with Incline Conveyor

A Combination Scale Filler is designed for food applications or other dry products that require high-speed filling, increased net-weighing accuracy, easy cleaning and super reliability long term. All of these Combination Scale Fillers are made in North America and utilize high quality components, heavy-duty construction and the latest in machine control software. The 24 Head Combination Scale Filler can achieve filling speeds in excess of well over 200 packages per minute. Our Combination Scale Fillers are among the finest packaging machines on the market at a very reasonable price especially considering all of the included unique features.

Watch this great video of our Combination Scale Filler.

This video shows a recent "very successful" application we did utilizing a 10 Head Rotary Combination Scale Filler with 2.5 Liter Buckets filling Granola into Pre-Made Pouches at 30 bags per minute. A Combination Scale integrated with a Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machine. We have many options available with these Rotary Combination Scales, remote electronics, CIP (Clean in Place) wash-down, stainless steel platforms, vibrating feed pans, dimpled or smooth buckets and many more.

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Rotary Combination Scale Filler with Form Fill Seal Bagger

We have two levels of Combination Scale Fillers. The lower cost Combination Scale Fillers have the same basic construction as the higher end models but do not feature the reporting software or remote diagnostics with built-in camera. The Top-of-Line Models Software have remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and technical support capabilities and integrate easily with WindowsTM, Crystal ReportsTM, SkypeTM, OracleTM, PlaintreeTM, SysproTM, and JDEdwardsTM. The custom reports available are endless and provide production information such as average filling weights, production speed, shift reports, trending, any type of report you can think of is supported by the High-End Rotary Combination Scale Filler.

Here are the Combination Scale Filler Specifications:

Note- The 14-Head Combination Scale Filler with 2.5-liter buckets achieves filling accuracy within a gram at speeds of up to 120 cpm

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Rotary Combination Scale Filler

These Combination Scale Fillers are perfect for wash-down environments and feature a superior design with remote electronics. By removing the operator display and controls from the Combination Scale Filler frame and attaching the display to a swing-out arm, the cleaning of this machine is simplified and possible damage from water intrusion is substantially reduced. The machine design has been optimized to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) required in food production. This packaging equipment has been installed in food processing facilities throughout the world and have been proven to be reliable even in frozen food and meat processing applications.

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