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Shrink Wrappers, Stretch Wrappers, Tray Formers, Case Erectors and Case Packers

Packaging Equipment Sales has over 1,000 Shrink Wrappers, Shrink Bundlers, Case Packers, Tray Formers, Case Erectors and Stretch Wrappers to choose from, we can handle any automated packaging application.

Continuous Motion High-Speed Shrink Wrapper

Shrink Wrap Machines for all levels of automation and for every application. We have semi-automatic L-bar sealers for start-up companies that do not require a high-volume output but instead need lower capital investment and a high quality finished product. Some other types of shrink wrap machines available are semi-automatic shrink bundlers for unsupported multi-packs (film only without tray or pad), automatic L-bar sealers, side seal shrink wrappers, bottom overlap shrink wrap machines (for water bottle cases), large format shrink wrap machines (for windows and doors). Any type of product that needs to be shrink wrapped prior to shipment, we have the right shrink wrapper for the application. Each Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine we sell comes with exceptional technical support, a large repair parts inventory located in the United States and the extensive automated wrapping knowledge to keep your packaging machinery operating at the highest efficiencies for many years.

Watch this video of End of Line Equipment applications:

The video shows the following: An Automatic Tray Former producing glued trays at 30 trays per minute, an Automatic Self-Locking Case Former producing cases for a well know snack food manufacturer and a Automatic Case Packer producing wine cases for one of the largest wineries in the world. These are examples of our most automated End of Line Equipment for packaging but we also have semi-automatic machines for companies looking for equipment with a lower capital investment or have slower production rates.

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Automatic Tray Former

Tray Formers come in several models which are capable of automatically producing numerous styles of trays at speeds up to 35 trays per minute. The machines can form slotted trays with flaps on the outside, regular trays with glued divider inserts, bag in box style trays, trays with top flaps, leak proof trays, trays with one piece lids, one and two piece telescoping trays, regular slotted trays, four corner glued trays, retail display trays, column case style trays, column case with top flaps, kiwi style trays, common footprint ledge style trays and common footprint defor style trays. Standard Features found on all models include off the shelf spare parts, 24 Volts DC sensors that are readily available from most local sources, A/B PLC and HMI, Baldor motors, Nordson hot melt adhesive system, external digital timing controls for glue settings, easy to load tray blank hopper, dual venturi vacuum cam pickup system for blanks, quick change-overs less than 10 minutes in most situations.

Automatic Case Erector

Case Erectors for automatically or semi-automatically erecting cases. The automatic case erectors come in three types for producing glued cases, taped sealed cases or self-locking cases by simply loading the magazine with corrugated blanks. The erected cases are automatically formed and discharged from the machine to be packed. The automatic glue case erectors produce fully formed cases ranging in size from 7 inches long by 4 inches wide and 5 inches deep all the way up to 21 inches long by 14 inches wide and 15 inches deep at speeds up to 50 cases per minute. The semi-automatic case erectors are for tape sealed cases in which the operator folds the cases and the machine does the bottom sealing process automatically. The semi-automatic case erectors can produce cases ranging in size from 8 inches long by 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep all the way up to 24 inches long by 20 inches wide and 22 inches deep. If you need to automatically form trays or erect cases for your product then we have the tray/case former for your application.

Shrink Wrap Case Packer

Case Packers for bottles, jars, cans, pouches or other products packed in corrugated boxes or shrink wrapped cases with film only or with a tray or pad for support. For corrugated cases we specialize in wrap-around case packers where groups of products enter the packer and corrugated blanks are formed around the product then hot-melt glue is applied to the mating flanges of to make case. Wrap Around Case Packers have several benefits including smoother product handling and reduced material costs compared to Drop Packers. We also have a complete line of Shrink Wrap Case Packers which group the products and create the pack configuration (6, 12, 24 and 36 pack). These machines produce shrink bundled cases with film only or shrink wrapped cases with a tray or pad which is inserted from the bottom to support the product. Our ability to meet production speed requirements from 200 containers per minute up to 2400 containers per minute in a wide variety of case configurations with machines specifically designed for each production requirement results in being extremely efficient and very cost effective.

Pallet Stretch Wrap Machine

Stretch Wrappers for pallet wrapping prior to shipment. We have rotary tower stretch wrappers for high-speed wrapping applications on a pallet conveyor or on the floor for unstable loads that cannot be wrapped with turntable type wrappers. We also have semi-automatic low profile stretch wrappers for easy loading with a forklift or pallet jack with 60 inch round turntables that handle up to 4,000 pounds and conventional style high-profile turntable stretch wrappers with 50 inch square turntables that also handle up to 4,000 pounds as a standard but can be enlarged to wrap much larger and heavy loads at a nominal upcharge. Both the low profile and high profile semi-automatic stretch wrappers come with a built in scale as an option as well. All of these are made in the USA and feature high-quality components at a very competitive price.

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