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The premier packaging equipment Automatic Tray Formers. From concept through production, these Tray Formers are designed to operate at high efficiency. The solid construction of this equipment is evident with every component. Most replacement parts are off the shelf items found at your local bearing house, which helps to reduce your maintenance costs. The high quality, heavy duty packaging equipment that is second to none, available on the market today.

These machines can often pay for themselves in reduced corrugated scrap when compared to the competitor’s packaging equipment. The exceptional precision and reliability engineered into every packaging machine results in reduced maintenance costs, improved production efficiency and quality. The combination of superior performance and reliability are key factors why more companies are choosing these Tray Formers.

Automatic Tray FormerTray Formers we offer come in several models which are capable of automatically producing numerous styles of trays at speeds up to 35 trays per minute. The machines can form slotted trays with flaps on the outside, regular trays with glued divider inserts, bag in box style trays, trays with top flaps, leak proof trays, trays with one piece lids, one and two piece telescoping trays, regular slotted trays, four corner glued trays, retail display trays, column case style trays, column case with top flaps, kiwi style trays, common footprint ledge style trays and common footprint defor style trays.

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Watch this video of Automatic Tray Forming Machine applications:

The video shows the following: An Automatic Tray Former producing glued trays at 30 trays per minute. These are examples of our higher speed Automatic Packaging Equipment for Tray Forming but we also have other machines for companies looking for machinery with a lower capital investment or have slower production rates.

Standard Features found on all models include: off the shelf spare parts, 24 Volts DC sensors that are readily available from most local sources, A/B PLC and HMI, Baldor motors, Nordson hot melt adhesive system, external digital timing controls for glue settings, easy to load tray blank hopper, dual venturi vacuum cam pickup system for blanks, quick change-overs less than 10 minutes in most situations.

Why you should contact Packaging Equipment Sales for your Automatic Tray Forming Equipment: We have the machines for your application. We know what information is needed to properly select the correct technology and what features you will need to meet your requirements. We can give budgetary numbers for your project almost instantaneously. If you need a formal proposal, you will not get it any faster than we will be able to provide it.

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