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Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Equipment

Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Equipment for sorting, up-righting and single filing plastic bottles from bulk on to a conveyor at speeds up to 600 bottles per minute.

We carry a full line of Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Equipment including Heavy-Duty Bottle Unscramblers for large plastic bottles, High-Speed Bottle Unscrambling Machines and Compact or Small Footprint Plastic Bottle Unscramblers to meet your exact requirements.

Low Profile Bottle Unscrambler Plastic Bottle Unscrambler features:

Compact Bottle Unscrambler

Compact Plastic Bottle Unscrambler for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical applications where a compact footprint is required. The Compact Plastic Bottle Unscrambler has many features that make these bottle unscramblers superior to any competitively priced bottle unscrambling machines.

The Compact Plastic Bottle Unscrambler is a complete unscrambling system in a single fully enclosed unit for maximum floor space utilization that can unscramble over 400 plastic bottles per minute.

Watch this video of bottle unscrambling applications:

The video shows the following: A Compact Bottle Unscrambler being loaded with HDPE pharmaceutical bottles (note- the integrated hopper for easy loading from a box). A High-Speed Bottle Unscrambler and a Heavy-Duty Large Bottle Unscrambler. Also shown in this video are the elevator for loading the soring bowl in high-speed applications, the easy change-over process, the optional bottle counter and bottle rinser as well as the upgraded HMI controls.

How a Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Works: The bottle unscrambler hopper is loaded with bottles. When the plastic bottle unscrambler is turned on the hopper elevator begins loading the sorting bowl. The unscrambler’s sorting bowl begins spinning and the centrifugal force and sweep arm force the bottles into the track at the outer edge of the sorting bowl. The plastic bottles now lying flat in the track and are either neck leading or base leading as they exit the unscrambler sorting bowl. The unscrambler orientating wheel grabs the bottles and places them into the pacing belts to achieve proper separation before being "picked". The picking device has a hook on the end and all of the bottles that are neck leading are "picked" and flipped so that all bottles are now base leading. The plastic bottle unscrambler stand-up belt transports the bottles through the stand-up ramp area where the base of the bottle strikes the ramp and the bottle stands up. The now standing upright bottles move to the discharge belt were they are running synchronous with the production conveyor. The standing bottles are released by the discharge belt onto the production conveyor and move to the next packaging operation.

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Heavy-Duty Bottle UnscramblerFor larger plastic bottles the Heavy-Duty Plastic Bottle Unscrambler is capable of bottle orientation of every shape bottle at up to 625 bottles per minute depending on size.

This Heavy-Duty unscrambling system is designed to unscramble bottles that are up to 8.5 inches in diameter and 13 inches in height. This machine is well suited to unscramble gallon jugs with handles as well as the larger motor oil bottles that are 5 quart capacity.

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