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Shrink-Wrap Case Packers, High-Speed Tray Packers, Wrap-Around Case Packers, Semi-Automatic Case Packers

Packaging Equipment Sales has Case Packers for automatically collating products into a pre-determined pack configuration and then creating the case of bottles, cans, jars, pouches or other products, we can handle any automated case packaging application.

High-Speed Shrink Wrap Case Packer

Shrink-Wrap Case Packer which group the products and create the pack configuration (6, 12, 24 and 36 packs are the most common). These machines produce cases with film only or with a tray or pad which is inserted from the bottom to support the product. When a tray is a component of the case, hot-melt glue is applied to the mating flanges of the tray and then they are automatically folded to make contact with the opposing flanges. The machine holds the newly formed tray long enough for the glue to dry and then releases the packed tray to be shrink wrapped. Shrink-Wrap Case Packers are the machines which produce the type of cases that many products are shipped in to the point of sale (some examples are water bottles, cans of soup, jars of salsa, etc.). Often the cases are produced with a clear film and broken down for individual item sale. The film not only keeps the pack configuration tight for handling and transport but also acts as a protective barrier that is less expensive to produce than a full corrugated case. In other situations, the shrink wrap cases are produced for retail sales that are not broken down but sold complete. The cases can use a clear film so the consumer can see the items in the case or utilize a printed film for branding purposes. If you are looking for a Shrink-Wrap Case Packer we have the machine to meet your requirements.

Watch this video of Case Packing Equipment applications:

The video shows the following: An Shrink-Wrap Case Packer producing 24 pack water bottle cases with printed film at 1,200 bottles per minute, a Tray Packer producing 12 pack cases of food cans with a tray and clear film at 800 cans per minute, a Wrap-Around Case Packer producing a corrugated case of PET bottles of olive oil and a Semi-Automatic Case Packer for the automation of hand packing applications.

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Wrap Around Case Packer

Wrap-Around Case Packer can automatically produce a corrugated case of cans, bottles, jars or other products at over 40 cases per minute. Wrap-Around Case Packers come with infeed conveyors that provide smooth product grouping and side-loading of your product into the case. This precise control of the product produces a superior package. Because the case is wrapped around the product, it forms a more rigid box with a smaller footprint. A Wrap-Around Case Packer can often eliminate the need for a partition inserting machine. The partition inserting is often the source for low OEE on packaging lines and these machine can often cost well over $100,000. This is money saved that can be used for other improvements or towards the purchase of the Wrap-Around Case Packer. Reduced corrugated consumption is another key feature of our Wrap-Around Case Packer. This reduction in consumables can be as great as 20%. If you need to case pack your products in a corrugated case and are experiencing damaged products from rough handling or looking to reduce material costs, we can assist with more information about Wrap-Around Case Packers for your application.

Semi-Automatic Case Packer

Semi-Automatic Case Packer for semi-automatically erecting cases and hand packing applications. The Semi-Automatic Case Packers produce a tape sealed case. Simply place your erected case into the semi-automatic machine and it will automatically fold the bottom major & minor flaps of your case while you manually load. The Semi-Automatic Case Packers can produce a wide range of case sizes from 8 inches long by 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep all the way up to 24 inches long by 20 inches wide and 22 inches deep. After forming the case and hand packing it, the filled case is ready to be run through the semi-automatic top sealer to finish the process. These Semi-Automatic Case Packers are great for small companies or anyone that needs to produce many different case sizes with a single machine where it would not be practical to do change-overs with a larger machine. To make these machines even more versatile they can be equipped with casters so the machine can be moved easily to be used in more than one area. Semi-Automatic Case Packers are extremely easy to use, save significant time over manual case packing applications and are very affordable.

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