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The World's Best Laser Coder for laser coding products such as Wine Bottles, Beer Kegs, Beverage Bottle Labelers, Candy Bar Wrappers, PET Bottles, Glass Jars, Cases, Trays, Cartons, Foil Pouches, Beverage Cans, Food Cans, PVC Pipe, Paper, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Aluminum and other products, which until now could not be coded with a traditional Laser Coder.

Laser CoderWe have Laser Coders for high speed and hard to code applications. This Laser Coder is the most versatile Steered Beam Laser Coder on the market. Unlike all of the competitor's laser coders this unit can be utilized for applying a laser code at extremely high speeds and on surfaces that cannot be coded by other lasers. This unmatched laser code versatility is accomplished by varying the power levels and wave lengths of the laser energy. The laser power levels, laser galvanometer speed, laser coding focal distance, font selection and laser code orientation are all electronically adjustable for full control of the laser marking output.

Watch this video of Laser Coder applications:

The video shows the following: A 2D Bar Code and Date Code being applied on Aluminum Beer Keg, PVC Pipe being Laser Coded, a 3 Dimensional Part being Laser Coded, Laser Coding Lot Number on a Case and Beer Bottle Laser Code for Date and Lot Number.

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Laser Code ExamplesPossible Laser Coding Applications-

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