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Packaging Equipment Metal Detection Systems for a wide variety of packaging and processing applications. These metal detectors are the most accurate and reliable metal detection packaging machines you can buy. This is cutting edge technology, high quality craftsmanship and industry leading reliability, all at very affordable price.

Packaged and Bulk Foods Packaging Equipment Metal Detection for Packaged and Bulk Foods- This metal detector is well suited for metal detection of bulk foods like Cheese, Butter, Frozen Meat Blocks, Processed Foods that weigh up to 130kg and bags weighing 50kg. The dual and four signal capabilities of this high quality metal detector, when used with the exclusive coil technology, provide highly accurate detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When packaging equipment metal detection is required for products which are conductive like potato products or cereal the packaging equipment metal detection systems can be specifically tuned to ignore false signals. By eliminating false rejects or missed contaminates this is the utmost protection against metal contamination in the final product.

Fruit and Vegetable Metal Detector Metal Detection for Packaged Meat, Fruits and Vegetables- When inspecting fruits and vegetables for metal contaminates it is important to distinguish between natural occurring product variation and potentially hard to detect metal objects including both ferrous and nonferrous particulates. With many HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) locations from production all the way through to the packaging equipment areas, meat packers, vegetable and fruit producers are well protected when using these systems. The Stainless Steel Metal Detection Inspection System is IP65 Wash-down Rated and the Heavy Duty Construction will lead to years of reliable and accurate metal detection service. With most fruit and vegetable producers the work is seasonal and employees need an easy to use HMI (Human Machine Interface), these systems provide multiple product metal detection setups and all the information is in an easy to understand format.

Watch this video of Metal Detection applications:

The video shows the following: Metal Detection of stainless steel contaminates in Packaged Cheese on a wash-down conveyor with a smooth automatic rejection of defective products. X-Ray Inspection for plastic contaminates on foil sealed ready to eat food trays and an automatic pusher rejector removing the defective containers without interrupting the flow of production.

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Pharmaceutical Metal DetectorPackaging Equipment Metal Detection for Pharmaceuticals- Products requiring very accurate packaging equipment metal detection like pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products must have HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) identified, recording procedures and validation capabilities. These high-end metal detection units are fully compliant with all the relevant quality assurance standards. Data can be integrated into the customer's own EDP systems through all industry standard machine control interfaces. The quality of both the metal detection system construction and the resolution of the metal detection inspection results are unmatched in the industry. These metal detectors feature advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and lead the metal detection industry with product innovations and new metal detection technology. When your packaging equipment requirement is Cutting Edge Packaging Equipment Metal Detection Technology and Super Reliability, these metal detection systems are your only choice for packaging equipment metal detection for pharmaceutical applications.

Metal Detection for Processing and In-Pipe ApplicationsPackaging Equipment Metal Detection for Processing- Processing Equipment Metal Detection and In-Pipe Metal Detection for dry and wash-down areas need environmentally protected metal detection systems. In dry areas where product dust contamination is an issue requiring frequent cleaning, the metal detector enclosure must be smooth, flat surfaces that are easily wiped down. In a wet area commonly associated with wash-down of processing and packaging lines, the packaging equipment metal detectors need to be able to withstand this environment. These are wash-down proof metal detectors that are built to last and provide many years of durable service with unmatched inspection results.

Reasons why our Metal Detectors are better:

X-ray Inspection System for Packaging LineX-ray Inspection for Packaging Lines- Food Packages need metal detection but may have additional contaminate inspection requirements. Food metal detection, when food is packaged in foil or a food can necessitates a completely different approach to metal detection. It would not be possible to detect metal inside of a foil pouch or metal food can with a conventional metal detector. This would be an application where an X-ray food metal detector would be used. Packaging Equipment Sales has X-ray Food Metal Detectors for metal contaminate inspection inside metal food packages. If Food Metal Detection is only a portion of the contaminate inspection for food packages then an X-ray Inspection systems should be used.

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