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Packaging Equipment Sales is the only source you will need for every type of Labeling Equipment. Our extensive line of labelers include; Cold Glue Labelers, Hot Melt Labelers, Roll Fed Labelers, Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labelers and In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment. We have Labeling Equipment for Glass Bottles, PET Bottles, Jars, Cans, Clamshell Packages, Boxes, Cartons, Bags and other products. If you need to label any type of product we have Labeling Equipment for your application.

Cold Glue Labeling Equipment Cold Glue Labeling Equipment for Glass Bottles such as Beer Bottles, Wine Bottles, Fruit Juice Bottles, Tea Bottles, Food Products, Sauces, Jams or Jelly we have Rotary Cold Glue Labeling Equipment. These labelers apply "Cut-Stack" Paper or Plastic Labels on cylindrical, oval or rectangular bottles and jars. The labels are automatically fed by a magazine into the labeling station where a thin coat of cold glue is applied to each label. As the container rotates through the labeler the glued label is placed in the desired location on the bottle or jar and smoothed out with brushes or sponge rollers. A Cold Glue Rotary Labeler is most often used for applying a full wraparound body label or front and back body labels.

Hot Melt Labeling Equipment Hot Melt Glue Labeling Equipment is used for high-speed labeling applications such as Cans or PET Beverage/Water Bottles. The labels are usually a "Cut-Stack" Paper or Plastic Label. The labels are loaded in stacks into the Hot Melt Labeler magazine. As the Can or Bottles rotates in the labeler a strip of hot melt glue is applied to the "pick up" area on the container. When the Hot Melt glued container contacts the label, the label sticks to the glue and as the container rotates and the label wraps around the container. Just before the end of the label, a second strip of hot melt glue is applied to the trailing edge of the label and this second glued edge of the label overlaps the first glued section of label and forms a full wrap label. Hot Melt Glue Labelers have fast label drying time which is why they are perfect for high speed applications.

Watch this video of Labeling Equipment applications:

The video shows the following: Cold Glue Rotary Labeler applying full wraparound body labels on water bottles at 600 bottles per minute. A Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeler for wine bottles applying front and back labels. This machine can be configured for other labeling techniques to be performed by simply changing the station. Roll Fed Labeler for PET soft drink bottles. This machine is labeling 500ml PET bottles at 1,200 bottles per minute. These are just some examples of the automatic labelers we carry. If are looking for automatic labeling machines, then we have equipment for your application.

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Roll Fed Labeling Equipment Roll Fed Labeling Equipment for applying polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene labels to Sports Drink Bottles, PET Water Bottles, 2L Soda Bottles and smaller Plastic Bottles as well as other cylindrical or rectangular shaped containers. The labels for this machine are fed via a roll and tensioned web. The bottles enter the roll fed labeler as the labels that are on a roll/web get cut to the precise size. A rotating vacuum drum picks up the label from the cutting station and applies glue. The bottle contacts the hot melt glued label while they are rotating and wraps the label around the bottle. The label is smoothed out with brushes and then the wrinkle fee labeled bottle is discharged on to a takeaway conveyor and moved to the next packaging operation. Roll Fed Labelers are an economical way to apply hot melt glue to a less expensive label stock.

Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment applies plastic, paper and foil self-adhesive labels to Beverage, Beer, Food, Wine, Automotive, Industrial, Chemical, Cosmetic, Health & Beauty, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Household Products bottles or cans. The Self Adhesive/Pressure Sensitive labels are on a roll and fed through a tensioned web to the Peel Plate. The containers enter the Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeler and the label is peeled from the backing material and ready for application to the bottle or can. The bottle or can contacts the leading edge of label and wipes on to the container. The container moves and the next label is dispensed and ready for the next bottle or can. Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labelers have an advantage when applying clear labels because the adhesive is evenly distributed and not visible like a hot or cold glue application.

In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment is also referred to as a "Sticker Machines". In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labelers are used for slower speed applications that require less than 85 packages per minute. This type of In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler usually applies labels to Cases, Boxes, Food Products, Cooking Oils, Paint Buckets/Pails or Clamshell Packages. The labels are on a roll which is placed on a powered reel. The reel is servo controlled and feeds the strip of labels to the Peel Plate where the sticker/label is peeled from the backing material. As the package enters the labeling station it is applied by Wipe-On, Blow or Tamp method to the package. In-Line Pressure Sensitive Labeler often is used for applying a body label on a can of bottle or bar code, lot number label on boxes or parts.

Stand-alone Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment Stand-alone Pressure Sensitive Labeling Equipment are "Free Standing" high quality servo-driven labelers. These machines are for use on existing conveyor applications to apply pressure sensitive labels (stickers) on the top or sides of boxes, cases, trays and other packages. These pressure sensitive labelers are super easy to operate, efficient and accurate in applying clear and opaque pressure sensitive labels (stickers). These PS labelers can be programmed to hold up to 50 recipes that are easily recalled through a simple to use operator touch screen. All variables such as speed, product lengths and label flagging are automatically adjusted. The sensors are fixed position and do not require being moved, unlike most other pressure sensitive labelers.

Why you should contact Packaging Equipment Sales for your Labeling Machine: We have the Labelers for your application. We know what information is needed to properly select the correct technology and what features you will need to meet your requirements. We can give budgetary numbers for your project almost instantaneously. If you need a formal proposal, you will not get it any faster than we will be able to provide it.

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