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Thermoforming Machines

Packaging Equipment Sales is the leading source for high quality Thermoforming Machines. When you need to produce a thermoformed product, we can help with tooling design and machines, for Test-Product Production, all the way up to High-Speed Fully-Automated "State of the Art" Thermoforming Equipment. We carry the following types of Thermoformers: Inline Pressure Thermoforming Machines, High-speed Thermoforming Machines, Inline Vacuum Thermoforming Machines, Contact Heat Thermoforming Machines, Laboratory Prototype Thermoforming Machines, Form Fill Seal Trim Thermoforming Machines and Sheet Fed Heavy-Duty Vacuum Thermoforming Machines.

General Purpose Thermoforming Machine

General Purpose Thermoforming Machines- These are great for producing test products and lower volume production runs where a high-speed thermoformers would not be economical to utilize for the application. The General Purpose Thermoforming Machines can be roll-fed or sheet-fed and available as a standard vacuum former with an up-moving platen and air eject systems. By adding the various available options, they can be upgraded to both top bottom moving platen to accomplish all forming techniques including pressure forming, vacuum snap back, bubble immersion, etc. The forming areas range from 25 inches by 25 inches all the way up to 36 inches by 36 inches as standard but even larger forming areas are available as a custom design to meet your specific requirements.

Laboratory Prototype Thermoformer

Laboratory Thermoforming Machines- These laboratory thermoforming machines are designed to match any laboratory, short run or prototype application. These machines are exceptionally versatile that can be configured to utilize roll-fed or sheet-fed thermoplastic materials and perform vacuum or pressure thermoforming applications. There are numerous heating options for increased flexibility. These thermoforming machines are ideally suited for producing sampling blisters packs, skin packs, pre-production runs, prototype and laboratory work. The heating, pressure or vacuum is controlled with the touch screen HMI and has validation capabilities for pharmaceutical applications or when precision repeatability and tracking is critical. These units are available with large form areas ranging from 14 inch by 15 inch all the way up to 30 inches by 36 inches as standard.

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Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Machine

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine- Single station, sheet fed heavy gauge systems designed for production runs of heavy gauge plastic parts, such as trays, totes, containers, machine covers, automotive parts, aircraft components, etc. The Heavy Gauge Thermoformer standard features include top and bottom moving platens, plug assist, grids, etc.), top and bottom heating systems, deep draw capability, adjustable clamp frame, vacuum system with large surge tank, precision temperature controller, PLC with a color touch screen operator interface panel, exclusive cool-blow pressure forming system as well as many other features and benefits. The available forming areas are 36 inch by 48 inch up to 96 inch by 144 inch with an 18 inch maximum draw.

Watch this video of thermoforming machine applications:

The video shows the following: The Heavy Gage Thermoforming Machine producing trays. A close-up of the General Purpose Thermoforming Machine with vacuum forming option and the High-Speed Inline Pressure Thermoforming Machine producing plastic sink inserts.

High-Speed Servo-Driven Pressure Thermoformer with Punch Press Trim

High-Speed Servo-Drive Thermoforming Machine- The High-Speed Servo-Driven Pressure Formers are designed for applications that require high volume production and precision punch type trimming of parts such as plates, bowls, trays, lids, cups, etc. The "State of the Art" servo-motor technology provides continuous forward motion control for forming platens, trim platens and film index. These thermoforming systems feature a precision die-cutting press that uses punch and die type tooling. Extremely fast cycle speeds, exceeding 50 per minute are achievable. These pressure formers use roll-fed thermoplastic that is indexed via a servo-driven pin chain through a multiple zone pre heating station into the forming station where servo-driven top and bottom moving platens (with form tools attached) close and pressure form the part after which the formed sheet web is indexed and registered as it enters the servo-driven horizontal punching station where parts are punched out of the web and automatically stacked while The scrap web is rewound or fed into a grinder.

Why you should contact Packaging Equipment Sales for your Thermoforming Equipment: We have the Thermoforming Machine for your application. We know what information is needed to properly select the correct technology and what features you will need to meet your requirements. We can give budgetary numbers for your project almost instantaneously. If you need a formal proposal, you will not get it any faster than we will be able to provide it.

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