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Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Machine

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine- Single station, sheet fed heavy gauge systems designed for production runs of heavy gauge plastic parts, such as trays, totes, containers, machine covers, automotive parts, aircraft components, etc. The Heavy Gauge Thermoformer standard features include top and bottom moving platens, plug assist, top and bottom heating systems, deep draw capability, adjustable clamp frame, vacuum system with large surge tank, precision temperature controller, PLC with a color touch screen operator interface panel, exclusive cool-blow pressure forming system as well as many other features and benefits. The available forming areas are 36 inch by 48 inch up to 96 inch by 144 inch with an 18 inch maximum draw.

This video demonstrates various thermoforming machine applications which include the following examples: The Heavy Gage Thermoforming Machine producing trays from thick sheets of thermoplastic. A close-up of the General Purpose Thermoforming Machine with vacuum forming option. A High-Speed Inline Pressure Thermoforming Machine producing large format plastic sink inserts. This machine is operating at very high efficiencies and creating a product that could not be produced by most other machines available on the market. All of these machines made in America and feature heavy-duty construction and state of the art controls.

How these (Heavy Gage) Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines work: The heavy gauge plastic sheet is manually placed in the automatic clamping frame and locked into place. The two-hand start buttons are depressed to initiate the timer controlled automatic cycle. The heavy-duty clamp frame shuttles into the heating area where timer & temperature controlled top and bottom heaters radiate heat into the film. Once the film has been heated, the clamp frame moves back to the forming area where top and bottom platens move into the sheet and form the desired part. The film is then cooled via cooling fans and an air blow-off helps release the formed part from the mold. The platens retract; the clamp frame releases the film and the operator(s) remove the heavy gauge finished product and the process is repeated.

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Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machines System Description:

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine Specifications:

Forming Area 36" x 48", 36" x 72", 48" x 72", 48" x 96", 96" x 144"
Sheet Size 2" larger than form area minimum
Depth of Draw Up to 18" standard, varies with machine size
Cycle Speeds Variable, depending upon application

Heavy-Duty Vacuum/Pressure Thermoforming Machine Options:

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