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Rotary Cup Filler with Built-in Sealer for automatic packaging and Single Station Cup Sealers for semi-automatic applications

Rotary Cup Filler with Built-in Sealer for Automatically Filling, Sealing and Applying Lids to produce cups, tubs or bowls of Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Cheese and Dairy Products as well as Pasta Sauce, Bean Dips, Hummus, Guacamole, Salad Dressings, Desserts, Soups, etc.

Rotary Cup Filler with Built-in SealerThis cup filling, sealing and lidding equipment will accommodate a wide range of products including: liquid, paste, powdered or granulated products in round, oval, square or rectangular plastic containers. These cup fillers are the most economical approach to automating all three processes into a single compact machine. The rotary cup filler is capable of using roll-stock or pre-cut seal material for sealing the package. If a lid is required it can be automatically applied to the finished package by the rotary cup filler with built-in sealer and lid applicator. In the event the final package is actually a combination of filled products then multiple filling stations can be added to the machine.

Rotary Cup Filler Special Features: Rotary Cup Filler Options:

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Watch this video of a Rotary Cup Filler with Built-in Sealer and Lid Applicator producing filled cups with a seal and lid.

The video shows the how the Rotary Cup Filler with Built-in Sealer works: The plastic containers removed automatically from the pre-loaded magazine by the pneumatically controlled picker and inserted into a pocket on the rotary turntable. The turntable indexes to the cup filling station where it is correctly filled with one of several types of fillers. The turntable then indexes to the sealing station where the roll-fed or individual sealing material is sealed to the cup. The machine then indexes to the lid application station where the lid is applied to the package. Finally the complete package indexes to the automatic package eject station where it is removed and put in a tray, box or case for shipment or storage.

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Single Station Cup SealerSingle Station Cup Sealer is semi-automatic machine for the sealing of cups, bowls or trays made of plastic, aluminum, or coupled cardboard, with capability to include as an option Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for reducing residual oxygen level in the sealed package. This machine starts at $10,050.00 w/set of custom tooling and has a 6-10 week lead time.

How the Single Station Cup Sealer Works: The operator inserts the filled container into the lower tooling. The start button is pushed and the lower part of the tool moves into the sealing position. A variable speed motorized system unwinds the sealing film under the cutting/sealing plate. The film is heat-sealed onto the trays and die-cut around the tray edge. Once the cycle is completed the lower assembly slides out and lifts the container for access to the finished product. After cutting, the excess film is automatically wound to be discarded or recycled.

Single Station Cup Sealer Machine Features:

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