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Shrink Wrap Machines

We carry the following types of Shrink Wrap Machines: Intermittent Motion Tray Shrink Wrapper with Integral Shrink Tunnel, Continuous Motion Tray Shrink Wrapper, High-Speed Servo Controlled Shrink Wrapper, Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapper with Shrink Tunnel, Intermittent Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper, Continuous Motion Bottom Overlap Shrink Bundler, Semi-Automatic Bottom Overlap Shrink Bundler, Automatic and Semi-Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrappers.

Continuous Motion High-Speed Shrink Wrapper

High-Speed Shrink Wrap Machine will produce a totally enclosed package with a bottom lap seal and horizontal side seals at up to 140 packages per minute using a single wound film. The film options are polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC shrink film. These machines have a servo-driven seal bar carriage and as an option can be stainless steel construction. They are mainly used for display ready high-speed packaging of Snack Food Cartons, Paper Plates, Mailers, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, CDs/DVD's, Software, etc. By using the single wound film the result is less cost per package than center folded film and the roll does not need to be changed as often.

Hevay-Duty Shrink Wrap Machine

Heavy-Duty Shrink Wrap Machine can be specified as Automatic (continuous motion or intermittent motion) or Semi-Automatic machines depending on speed requirements. The large format heavy-duty machines can produce any of three types of packages, a bottom overlap seal with bulls-eye ends, a totally enclosed package with either bottom overlap seal and natural enclosure side seals or a bottom overlap seal with side seal and trimmed ends on large products. These machines commonly produce shrink wrapped windows, doors, insulation, gas cans, truck bed boxes virtually any large product from 8 inches to 48 inches in width as standard (custom larger sizes are available) and 24 inches tall as standard (custom larger sizes are available), length can be as long as needed.

Watch this video of shrink wrap machine applications:

The video shows the following: High-Speed Shrink Wrap Machine for Paper Plates (bottom lap seal and horizontal side seal), Large Format Shrink Wrap Machine for Pizza Boxes (bottom lap seal and two side seals for total enclosed package), Shrink Bundling of Whip Cream Cans and a Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer for boxes.

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Shrink Wrap Case Packer

Shrink Wrap Case Packer for food cans and water/beverage PET bottles cases packed with a tray, pad or shrink wrap film only. These shrink wrap machines produce a bottom overlap bulls-eye package. The film can be clear or printed and usually a Polyethylene material 1 – 2 mil thick but this machine can run up to 5 mil when needed. The machines come in a variety of sizes based on case production speed requirements and are capable of speeds as high as 90 cases per minute (24 can configuration with tray and dual lane output). Some additional options to consider are auto-splice for film and extra-large hopper for tray blanks. The addition of these options result in almost no downtime associated with material reloading during production.

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine is a way to produce the same products as with the High-Speed Shrink Packer but at a fraction of the capital investment. These shrink wrap machines are commonly used for re-work of product by large food or beverage companies or smaller companies that do not require the high-speed packaging of their products. The film capability does not allow for printed film requiring registration to be used but random print, the film thickness, material, package performance and aesthetics are the same as with the much larger and more expensive machines. With a Semi-Automatic Shrink Bundler you can expect to produce 15-20 cases per minute with a tray or 5 cases per minute with a pad or film only. The reason for the different production speed between trays and unsupported products is due to the manual collating of the individual cans or bottles.

Compact L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

Compact L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine will produce a totally enclosed shrink wrap package semi-automatically at speeds of up to 40 packages per minute. These machines come in two sizes with an 18" or a 26" seal bar. The 18" seal bar utilizes up to 24" center-folded film and can produce 1 1/2" to 15" wide by 4" to 18 1/2" long and 1/4" to 6" high shrink wrapped packages. The 26" seal bar machine utilizes 24" center-folded film and can produce 1 1/2" to 19" wide by 4" to 26 1/2" long and 1/4" to 8" high shrink wrapped packages. These machines come with a variety of optional length shrink tunnels with single or dual zone heating sections for precise control of the shrinking process. Other options include regular or lugged infeed conveyors along with many others.

Low Cost Shrink Wrap Machine

Low Cost Shrink Wrap MachineCombination L-Bar Sealer with Heat Tunnel is the most economical way to produce shrink wrap products. The low cost shrink wrapper combination system has a 14" by 18" seal bar and can easily produce 10 to 12 packages per minute. For $8,000 you can get this L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel as a single unit on casters for portability. The shrink wrap machine uses center folded Shrink Film. With the Hot-Knife option it can run all three main types of film including:

Below are some common types of shrink wrap packages. Identify the type of package, line speed and package size to select the shrink wrap machine for your application.

Common Types of Shrink Wrap Packages
Cross Seal Bulls-Eye Package Bottom Overlap Bulls-Eye Package Natural Enclosure Package Side Seal Totally Enclosed Package
Cross Seal Bulls-Eye Package Bottom Overlap Bulls-Eye Package Natural Enclosure Package Side Seal Totally Enclosed Package

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