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Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers for heat sealing all types of heat sealable pre-made bags and pouches, including those made of polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, mylar, foils, or paper laminates. We have a large selection of Vertical or Horizontal Semi-Automatic Bag and Pouch Sealers that have been engineered specifically for use in food production, pharmaceutical applications as well as general packaging of large or small items in 24/7 production environments.

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer with MAP Gas Flush

New Gas Flush Bag Sealing TechnologySemi-Automatic Vacuum/MAP Gas Flush Bag Sealers are now available which is great news for companies that need Modified Atmospheric Packaging or Vacuum Packaging of hard to automatically bag products like Jerky (because of large irregular shapes), do frequent changeovers of bag types and sizes such as Contract Packagers or companies lower production volume requirements for example Custom Roast Coffee Producers. The amount of vacuum applied or the MAP gas dispensed is controlled by the PLC with panel display to make creating the perfect package easy. This is the first machine on the market to allow for High-Quality Vacuum/Gas Flush Bags or Pouches to be produced with a low priced Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer.

Table-Top Model Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer

We have a wide range of Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers, from small table-top pouch sealers to conveyorized bag sealers for heavier products that need the bag supported because of it weight. Packaging Equipment Sales even has washdown design Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers for Food Applications when doing a vertical sealing of bags and pouches such as Frozen Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and other products that require frequent washdown of the packaging equipment. We have included Stainless Steel Construction of the Sealing Head, Electronic Enclosure and have optional custom Conveyors to meet your packaging equipment needs, we have Bag Sealers for all of these applications and more.

Watch this great video showing several applications of the Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer.

The video shows vertical bag sealing of Vegetables, Coffee, Frozen Shrimp/Seafood, in Pillow Style Bags, Stand-up Bags and Gusseted Pouches. Note- with 2 operators sealing of 30 bags per minute is easily achievable for significantly less capital investment than would be required to produce the same number of bags with an Automatic Bagger. For start-up companies producing products in a pouch or bag this is the first piece of Packaging Equipment they need purchase. For larger companies this is a great way to supplement production or produce short run products without having to changeover their Automatic Bagger.

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer for sealing bags and pouches. These bag sealers come in a standard model for bags that weigh up to one pound and are up to 6 mil material thickness (3 mil if gusseted bag) or a heavy-duty model that can handle any weight bag and seal bags up to 12 mil material thickness (6 mil if gusseted bag). The Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer can run up to 800 inches per minute and has many other options available.

Some options you may want to consider are front end trimmer (trims the top of the bag above or into the seal), trim remover (vacuum removal and storage of the trimmed portion of the bag), emboss coder, dry ink printer, or ink jet printer to meet your coding requirements. These bag sealers can also have the option for washdown cleaning.

Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers offer extreme handling flexibility for a wide range of products, contact us Contact Packaging Equipment Sales

Horizontal Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer for Tortilla Bags and Bakery Products

Horizontal or Angled Semi-Automatic Bag Sealer can be used for Cakes, Muffins, Tortillas and many other Bakery Products, as well as Clothing and Apparel, Paper Plates, Newspapers, Magazines and just about anything that needs a totally enclosed bag for protection. These machines can be utilized in Horizontal or Angled positions to accommodate bag sealing of products cannot be easily packaged in vertical seal configuration.

Some additional options you may want to consider for the Horizontal/Angled machines are roller bed infeed conveyor, top conveyor for compression packing, discharge conveyor, caster wheels for portability, product support conveyor for proper aliment thorough the sealing process.

These Semi-Automatic Bags Sealers provide an excellent value! Automatic Baggers or Form, Fill and Seal Machines are really best suited for high-speed applications with long production runs whereas Semi-Automatic Bag Sealers can be easily adjusted to seal Pillow Style Bags up to 12 mil in thickness and in a matter of seconds start production of Gusseted Bags or Stand-up Pouches. Often Semi-Automatic Bags Sealers can achieve similar production rates as those commonly produced by Full Automatic Systems for a fraction of the capital investment.

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If your project requires entry level Packaging Machinery or the latest "top of the line" Packaging Equipment then we have some of the best high quality North American made machines available. This website has only some of our machines listed and we have much more! Anytime you are looking to produce products in bags or pouches and need a Semi-Automatic Bag or Pouch Sealer, we have equipment for your application. Please contact us today
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